Alex Box new book release++

In a time when everyone’s being told to scale back and react to the global economic collapse with a modest aesthetic and pared down lifestyle, Alex Box is forging her one-woman army for the return of glamour, of colour, of fun.

Hosted at Annroy, Rankin's new Kentish Town gallery space, theatrical make-up artist and all-round fashion scene stalwart Alex Box’s new book tentatively titled, well, Alex Box, receives the royal treatment with an exhibition of Box’s greatest dramatic masterpieces. Photos adorn the walls, moving from dark Berlin cabaret to kaleidoscopic clown. A sea of tropical celebrities admire her beauty shots in which everything from pigment to post-it’s have been used in place of rouge and mascara. It is the first ever extensive collection and exhibition of her work, and, as Alex agrees herself, it couldn’t have come at a more needed time+++